In The Name Of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful


Created in 1974 The Muslim Association of Croydon was formed to provide for the needs of Muslims settled in Croydon without distinction of origin, colour or creed, to safeguard their interests, way of life, language, customs and traditions.

The Association were the founders behind the building of the current Croydon Mosque & Islamic Center. Today the Centre has over 9,000 people passing through its doors during an average week, which increases to over 30,000 people per week during Ramadan.

As an organisation the Muslim Association of Croydon’s Aims and Objects are:

  1. To contribute towards the spiritual and moral development of the Muslim community on Islamic pattern.
  2. To achieve adequate provision for Islamic education of Muslim children in state schools.
  3. To organise, establish and manage weekend and evening classes to meet the needs of Muslim children in Croydon
  4. To publish suitable Islamic literature periodical, magazines and brochures.
  5. To organise lectures, seminars, social, religious and educational activities with a view to propagate the message of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims.
  6. To promote the spirit of brotherhood and co-operation among Muslims ands Muslim organisations in the United Kingdom.
  7. To affiliate with the national organisations promoting similar objectives as those of this association on national basis.
  8. To promote good community relations, social harmony and better understanding between the people of Croydon.
  9. To assist Muslims of Croydon in general and members of this Association in particular in resolving any issues or problems they may have with local authority, central government or any other statutory body.

Management Committee

Mr. M.A.Shaikh